“Vidic is the steel at the heart of United’s defence. He’ll throw his head into areas others won’t, and has the sort of battling qualities Steve Bruce had.” - former Manchester United centre-back, Gary Pallister.

Happy 30th birthday, Nemanja Vidić!

been a bit shaky so far this season, but still wouldn’t trade him for anyone else

(Giggs on Vidic’s captaincy) He leads by example. And he’s such a great player. And he’s got all the qualities to be a captain. He was a natural choice, really.


Veni, Vidi, Vidic: He came, he saw, he kicked their heads in.

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Tom Cleverley, Chris Smalling & Nemanja Vidic may all return for Manchester United’s next match against Liverpool.

please God please

we need our Serbian rock/murderer back

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We should just stick Nemanja Vidic on guard in the middle of Manchester.

Not a single rioter would even bother.

lol that Balotelli thought that Vidic would back down

he comes from Serbia,

he’ll fucking murder ya!!!

  • Me: So, were you always a defender as a kid?
  • Vida: No. I used to play up front, but for one game in my youth team one of the defenders was injured so my manager told me to play in defence. He said: 'Go kill somebody'."

Rooney’s redemption moment


That is what you call passion.


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Forgot about Pedro…but either way, revenge will be had on May 28!

He’s definitely gonna fuckin murder Drogba and especially that twat Torres tomorrow! Yeuuhhhhhh


“In England you have to deal with big, tall strikers and you have to deal with the small, sharp and quick ones. That’s why it is the most competitive league in the world. But I just love to defend.”

“Right from when I was young I always liked to defend, to work to stop the other team scoring a goal no matter how they play or who they played. I’ve played against the big ones and I’ve played against the ones with the technique, so in all the years I’ve been here I learned how to stop them all.”

- Nemanja Vidic

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